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  • The Angel of Yahweh came and sat under the sacred tree at Ophrah, which belonged to Joash, of the family of Abiezer. Gideon, the son of Joash, was threshing the wheat in the winepress to hide it from the Midianites. (Judges 6, 11)

  • Gideon answered, "Please, my lord, if Yahweh is with us, why is all this happening to us? Where are the wonders which our fathers recounted to us? Did they not say that Yahweh led them up from Egypt? Why has he abandoned us now and given us into the hands of the Midianites?" (Judges 6, 13)

  • Gideon answered: "Pardon me, Lord, but how can I save Israel? My family is the lowliest in my tribe and I am the least in the family of my father." (Judges 6, 15)

  • Gideon said to him, "Please give me a sign that it is indeed you who speak. (Judges 6, 17)

  • Gideon went and prepared a young goat, took a measure of flour and baked unleavened bread. He put the broth in a pot and the meat in a basket, and went to present them to the Angel under the tree. (Judges 6, 19)

  • Then the Angel of God said to him, "Take the meat and the bread; put them on this rock, and pour the broth over them." Gideon did so. (Judges 6, 20)

  • Gideon realized that he was the Angel of Yahweh and said, "Alas, O Lord Yahweh! I have seen the Angel of Yahweh face to face." (Judges 6, 22)

  • Gideon built an altar to Yahweh in that place and called it Yahweh-Peace. To this day, it is still in Ophrah of Abiezer. (Judges 6, 24)

  • That same night Yahweh said to Gideon, "Take with you ten of your father's servants and a seven-year-old bull. Destroy your father's altar to Baal and cut the sacred pillar beside it. (Judges 6, 25)

  • So, Gideon, with the help of his ten servants, did what Yahweh had commanded. But because he feared his family and the people of the town, he did it by night. (Judges 6, 27)

  • So they asked one another and, as they investigated, found out that it was Gideon who had done it, (Judges 6, 29)

  • On that day they gave Gideon the name Jerubaal which means: "Let Baal defend himself against Gideon, for Gideon destroyed his altar." (Judges 6, 32)

“Todas as percepções humanas, de onde quer que venham, incluem o bem e o mal. É necessário saber determinar e assimilar todo o bem e oferecê-lo a Deus, e eliminar todo o mal.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina