1. Ask from Yahweh the spring rain, and Yahweh, who makes the lightnings, will send showers of rain and make grass sprout in each one's field.

2. The home idols utter empty words and diviners have false visions, dreams that foretell illusions and offer empty comfort.

3. This is why the people stray like sheep without a shepherd. Against these shepherds my anger is aroused and I will punish the leaders. When Yahweh of hosts visits his flock, the nation of Judah, he will make it his proud war horse.

4. He will provide the host and the spear, the bow in battle and all the leaders.

5. They will be like warriors trampling mud in battle. They will fight recalling that Yahweh is with them and rout those on horses.

6. "I will strengthen the nation of Judah and save the descendants of Joseph. I will bring them back for I have compassion on them and they will be as if I had never rejected them, for I am Yahweh, their God, who hears their cry.

7. Ephraim's men will be like heroes and feel joyful as if warmed by wine. Their children will rejoice on seeing it; their hearts will exult in Yahweh.

8. Yahweh says: I shall whistle and gather them together for I have redeemed them and they shall be as numerous as before.

9. Then I shall spread them among the nations, but from the most distant lands they will remember me. There they shall raise their children who will return.

10. I shall bring them back from Egypt and gather them from Assyria. I shall give them again the land of Gilead and Lebanon but these will not suffice for them.

11. They will pass through the sea of Egypt and the depths of the Nile will be dried up. Then the arrogance of Assyria will be cast down and Egypt will no longer have a king.

12. I shall strengthen them, says Yahweh, and they shall advance confident in my Name."

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