1. If only you were my brother, nursed at my mother's breasts, I could kiss you outside if we met, without anyone despising me for it.

2. I would lead and bring you into the house of my mother, and you would teach me there. I would give you wine with spice and the juice of my pomegranates.

3. His left hand is under my head; his right arm embraces me.

4. I beg you, daughters of Jerusalem, by the powers of nature, not to arouse or stir up love before her time has come.

5. Who is this coming from the wilderness leaning upon her lover? I woke you under the apple tree, where you were conceived by your mother, where she who bore you was in travail.

6. Set me as a seal on your heart, set me as a seal on your arm. For love is strong as death; its jealousy lasting as the power of death, it burns like a blazing fire, it blazes like a mighty flame.

7. No flood can extinguish love nor river submerge it. If a man were to buy love with all the wealth of his house, contempt is all he would purchase.

8. We have a little sister with her breasts yet unformed. What shall we do for her when her courtship is begun?

9. If she were a rampart, we would build towers of silver on it. If she were a gate, we would enclose it with panels of cedar.

10. I am a rampart and my breasts are towers; thus I have become, in his eyes, like one who brings peace.

11. At Baal-hamon Solomon had a vineyard, which he gave over to caretakers; for its fruit, each had to pay: a thousand pieces of silver.

12. But my vineyard is mine and I myself keep it. You, Solomon, may have the thousand, and the fruit keepers two hundred pieces.

13. You wh-o dwell in the gardens, with your friends in attendance, let me hear your utterance.

14. Make haste, my love; be like a gazelle or a young stag on the spice-laden hills!

“Que Nossa Senhora nos obtenha o amor à cruz, aos sofrimentos e às dores.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina