Znaleziono 254 Wyniki dla: sins

  • Why doth this man speak thus? he blasphemeth. Who can forgive sins, but God only? (Mark 2, 7)

  • Which is easier, to say to the sick of the palsy: Thy sins are forgiven thee; or to say: Arise, take up thy bed, and walk? (Mark 2, 9)

  • But that you may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to the sick of the palsy,) (Mark 2, 10)

  • Amen I say to you, that all sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and the blasphemies wherewith they shall blaspheme: (Mark 3, 28)

  • That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand: lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. (Mark 4, 12)

  • And when you shall stand to pray, forgive, if you have aught against any man; that your Father also, who is in heaven, may forgive you your sins. (Mark 11, 25)

  • But if you will not forgive, neither will your Father that is in heaven, forgive you your sins. (Mark 11, 26)

  • To give knowledge of salvation to his people, unto the remission of their sins: (Luke 1, 77)

  • And he came into all the country about the Jordan, preaching the baptism of penance for the remission of sins; (Luke 3, 3)

  • Whose faith when he saw, he said: Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. (Luke 5, 20)

  • And the scribes and Pharisees began to think, saying: Who is this who speaketh blasphemies? Who can forgive sins, but God alone? (Luke 5, 21)

  • Which is easier to say, Thy sins are forgiven thee; or to say, Arise and walk? (Luke 5, 23)

“Quanto maiores forem os dons, maior deve ser sua humildade, lembrando de que tudo lhe foi dado como empréstimo.”(Pe Pio) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina