Znaleziono 22 Wyniki dla: melted

  • Now every one of them gathered in the morning, as much as might suffice to eat: and after the sun grew hot, it melted. (Exodus 16, 21)

  • And were defeated by the men of the city of Hai, and there fell of them six and thirty men : and the enemies pursued them from the gate as far as Sabarim, and they slew them as they fled by the descent: and the heart of the people was struck with fear, and melted like water. (Joshua 7, 5)

  • The mountains melted before the face of the Lord, and Sinai before the face of the Lord the God of Israel. (Judges 5, 5)

  • The strangers are melted away, and shall be straitened in their distresses. (2 Samuel 22, 46)

  • At the time when they shall be scattered they shall perish: and after it groweth hot they shall be melted out of their place. (Job 6, 17)

  • Silver hath beginnings of its veins, and gold hath a place wherein it is melted. (Job 28, 1)

  • Iron is taken out of the earth, and stone melted with heat is turned into brass. (Job 28, 2)

  • The earth is melted, and all that dwell therein: I have established the pillars thereof. (Psalms 74, 4)

  • The mountains melted like wax, at the presence of the Lord: at the presence of the Lord of all the earth. (Psalms 96, 5)

  • I opened the bolt of my door to my beloved: but he had turned aside, and was gone. My soul melted when he spoke: I sought him, and found him not: I called, and he did not answer me. (Song of Solomon 5, 6)

  • But snow and ice endured the force of fire, and melted not: that they might know that fire burning in the hail and flashing in the rain destroyed the fruits of the enemies. (Wisdom of Solomon 16, 22)

  • For that which could not be destroyed by fire, being warmed with a little sunbeam presently melted away: (Wisdom of Solomon 16, 27)

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