Znaleziono 204 Wyniki dla: Testimony

  • But he said: Thou shalt take seven ewe lambs at my hand: that they may be a testimony for me, that I dug this well. (Genesis 21, 30)

  • Come therefore, let us enter into a league: that it may be for a testimony between me and thee. (Genesis 31, 44)

  • And Laban called it The witness heap: and Jacob, The hillock of testimony: each of them according to the propriety of his language. (Genesis 31, 47)

  • Shall be a witness: this heap, I say, and the stone, be they for a testimony, if either I shall pass beyond it going towards thee, or thou shalt pass beyond it, thinking harm to me. (Genesis 31, 52)

  • And thou shalt put in the ark the testimony which I will give thee. (Exodus 25, 16)

  • In which thou shalt put the testimony that I will give thee. (Exodus 25, 21)

  • Thence will I give orders, and will speak to thee over the propitiatory, and from the midst of the two cherubims, which shall be upon the ark of the testimony, all things which I will command the children of Israel by thee. (Exodus 25, 22)

  • And the veils shall be hanged on with rings, and within it thou shalt put the ark of the testimony, and the sanctuary, and the holy of holies shall be divided with it. (Exodus 26, 33)

  • And thou shalt set the propitiatory upon the ark of the testimony in the holy of holies. (Exodus 26, 34)

  • In the tabernacle of the testimony without the veil that hangs before the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall order it, that it may give light before the Lord until the morning. It shall be a perpetual observance throughout their successions among the children of Israel. (Exodus 27, 21)

  • And Aaron and his sons shall use them when they shall go in to the tabernacle of the testimony, or when they approach the altar to minister in the sanctuary, lest being guilty of iniquity they die. It shall be a law for ever to Aaron, and to his seed after him. (Exodus 28, 42)

  • And thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the tabernacle of the testimony. And when thou hast washed the father and his sons with water, (Exodus 29, 4)

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