Znaleziono 283 Wyniki dla: sins

  • In the first place, I have passed on to you what I myself received: that Christ died for our sins, as Scripture says; (1 Corinthians 15, 3)

  • He gave himself for our sins to rescue us from this evil world, in fulfillment of the will of God the Father: (Galatians 1, 4)

  • For in Christ we obtain freedom, sealed by his blood, and have the forgiveness of sins. In this appears the greatness of his grace, (Ephesians 1, 7)

  • You were dead through the faults and sins. (Ephesians 2, 1)

  • As we were dead through our sins, he gave us life with Christ. By grace you have been saved! (Ephesians 2, 5)

  • Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for these are the sins which God is about to condemn in people who do not obey. (Ephesians 5, 6)

  • You were dead. You were in sin and uncircumcised at the same time. But God gave you life with Christ. He forgave all our sins. (Colossians 2, 13)

  • when they prevent us from speaking to the pagans and trying to save them. By doing so they are heaping up their sins, but now Judgment is coming upon them. (1 Thessalonians 2, 16)

  • Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, thus becoming an accomplice in the sins of others. Keep yourself free from blame. (1 Timothy 5, 22)

  • The sins of some people are plain to see, even before they are examined; the sins of others are known only later on. (1 Timothy 5, 24)

  • Of the same kind are those who enter houses and captivate weak women, full of sins, swayed by all kinds of passion, (2 Timothy 3, 6)

  • So he had to be like his brothers and sisters in every respect, in order to be the High Priest faithful to God and merciful to them, a priest able to ask pardon and atone for their sins. (Hebrews 2, 17)

“Tenhamos sempre horror ao pecado mortal e nunca deixemos de caminhar na estrada da santa eternidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina