Znaleziono 169 Wyniki dla: True

  • Yet it is true that she is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not of my mother, and she became my wife. (Genesis 20, 12)

  • One of you is to go and fetch your brother. The others will be imprisoned while I verify whether you are telling the truth. If not, then as true as Pharaoh lives, you are spies." (Genesis 42, 16)

  • Moses replied to Yahweh, "What if they will not believe me or listen to me? Maybe they will say: 'That's not true. Yahweh did not appear to you." (Exodus 4, 1)

  • He is then to make the woman agree to an oath. He shall say to her: If it is not true that a man has slept with you, that you have gone astray and disgraced yourself while under your husband's authority, then may this water of bitterness and cursing do you no harm. (Numbers 5, 19)

  • But if it is true that you have gone astray, and have disgraced yourself by sharing your bed with a man other than your husband, (Numbers 5, 20)

  • After he has made her drink it, if it is true that she has disgraced herself, deceiving her husband, then the water of cursing that goes into her shall indeed be bitter: her belly will swell and her breast shrink, and she will be a curse among her people. (Numbers 5, 27)

  • And Yahweh said to Moses, "Is Yahweh's arm shortened? Now you shall see whether or not my word is true." (Numbers 11, 23)

  • So know that Yahweh, your God, is the true and faithful God. He keeps his covenant, and his love reaches to the thousandth generation for those who love him and fulfill his commandments, (Deuteronomy 7, 9)

  • then on the day he divides the inheritance among his children, he cannot give the right of the firstborn to the son of the woman he prefers, at the expense of the true firstborn who is the son of the woman he loves less. (Deuteronomy 21, 16)

  • But if what the man says is true, and the proof of her virginity is not found, (Deuteronomy 22, 20)

  • But the woman had hidden them, so she said: "It is true; they came to my house but I did not know where they came from. (Joshua 2, 4)

  • Achan answered: "It is true that I have sinned against Yahweh. This is what I have done: (Joshua 7, 20)

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