Znaleziono 329 Wyniki dla: Servants

  • He grouped his forces against them by night, he and his servants, and routed and followed them to Hobah, north of Damascus. (Genesis 14, 15)

  • Then Abraham prayed to God and God healed Abimelech, his wife and his servants, so that they were able to have children again. (Genesis 20, 17)

  • Then Abraham complained to Abimelech about a well that Abimelech's servants had seized. (Genesis 21, 25)

  • So Abraham returned to his servants, and they set off together for Beersheba and it was there that Abraham stayed. (Genesis 22, 19)

  • He had flocks and herds and many servants so that the Philistines envied him. (Genesis 26, 14)

  • All the wells dug by his father's servants in Abraham's time were stopped up by the Philistines and filled with earth. (Genesis 26, 15)

  • Isaac's servants dug in the valley and discovered there a fresh water spring. (Genesis 26, 19)

  • Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of Yahweh. It was there he pitched his tent and there his servants dug a well. (Genesis 26, 25)

  • That day Isaac's servants came and told him of the well they had dug: "We have found water." (Genesis 26, 32)

  • Isaac answered Esau, "I have made him your lord. I have given him all his brothers as servants; I have provided him with grain and wine. What can I do for you, my son?" (Genesis 27, 37)

  • Jacob sent Esau this message, "I have been staying with Laban until now. I have oxen, asses, flocks, men-servants and maidservants. I have sent to tell you this, my lord, that you may receive me kindly." (Genesis 32, 5)

  • He put them in the care of his servants, each herd by itself, and said to his servants, "Go ahead of me and leave a space between each herd." (Genesis 32, 16)

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