Znaleziono 272 Wyniki dla: Gods

  • but God knows that the day you eat it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3, 5)

  • So, when the gods made me wander far from my father's family, I said to her: Now, if you love me, I beg you to say that I am your brother wherever we go." (Genesis 20, 13)

  • Rachel then took advantage of Laban. While he was shearing his sheep she stole her father's family gods. (Genesis 31, 19)

  • Now if you have gone off because you were planning to return to your father's house, why did you steal my gods?" (Genesis 31, 30)

  • But whoever is found in possession of your gods will not live. In the presence of our relatives see for yourself if anything that belongs to you is here with me and, if so, take it." Now Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen the gods. (Genesis 31, 32)

  • Rachel had taken the gods, but put them into the camel's saddle, and sat on them. Laban felt all about the tent but did not find them. (Genesis 31, 34)

  • Rachel said to her father, "Do not be angry with me, my lord, if I do not stand in your presence, for I am having my period." So he searched but did not find the gods. (Genesis 31, 35)

  • Jacob said to his family and to all those who were with him, "Get rid of the foreign gods you have with you, purify yourselves and change your clothes. (Genesis 35, 2)

  • So they gave Jacob all the foreign gods they had as well as their earrings and Jacob hid them under the oak that was near Shechem. (Genesis 35, 4)

  • On that night I shall go through Egypt and strike every firstborn in Egypt, men and animals; and I will even bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt, I, Yahweh! (Exodus 12, 12)

  • Who among the gods is like you, Yahweh? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in power, doing wonders? (Exodus 15, 11)

  • I know now that Yahweh is greater than all the gods, for he delivered his people when they were being oppressed." (Exodus 18, 11)

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