Znaleziono 371 Wyniki dla: Iniquity

  • And Cain said to the Lord: “My iniquity is too great to deserve kindness. (Genesis 4, 13)

  • Yet the earth was corrupted before the eyes of God, and it was filled with iniquity. (Genesis 6, 11)

  • he said to Noah: “The end of all flesh has arrived in my sight. The earth has been filled with iniquity by their presence, and I will destroy them, along with the earth. (Genesis 6, 13)

  • And Judah said to him, “What could we answer to my lord? And what would we be able to say, or to justly claim? God has discovered the iniquity of your servants. See, we have all become servants to my lord, both we, and he with whom the cup was found.” (Genesis 44, 16)

  • The brothers Simeon and Levi: vessels of iniquity waging war. (Genesis 49, 5)

  • that we should say these words to you from him: ‘I beg you to forget the wickedness of your brothers, and the sin and malice that they practiced against you.’ Likewise, we petition you to release the servants of the God of your father from this iniquity.” Hearing this, Joseph wept. (Genesis 50, 17)

  • You shall not adore them, nor shall you worship them. I am the Lord your God: strong, zealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the sons to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, (Exodus 20, 5)

  • And Aaron and his sons will use them when they enter the tabernacle of the testimony, and when they approach toward the altar, in order to minister in the sanctuary, lest, being guilty of iniquity, they may die. It shall be a law forever for Aaron, and for his offspring after him.” (Exodus 28, 43)

  • who preserves mercy a thousand fold, who takes away iniquity, and wickedness, and also sin; and with you no one, in and of himself, is innocent. You render the iniquity of the fathers to the sons, and also to their descendents to the third and fourth generation.” (Exodus 34, 7)

  • If a soul will have sinned, and heard the voice of one testifying under oath, and he is a witness because either he has seen it himself, or he is aware of it: if he does not reveal it, he shall carry his iniquity. (Leviticus 5, 1)

  • If a soul will have sinned through ignorance, and will have done one of those things which the law of the Lord prohibits, and, being guilty of sin, understands his iniquity, (Leviticus 5, 17)

  • “Why did you not eat the sacrifice for sin in the holy place, which is the Holy of holies, and which was given to you, so that you might carry the iniquity of the people, and might pray for them in the sight of the Lord, (Leviticus 10, 17)

“O Senhor sempre orienta e chama; mas não se quer segui-lo e responder-lhe, pois só se vê os próprios interesses. Às vezes, pelo fato de se ouvir sempre a Sua voz, ninguém mais se apercebe dela; mas o Senhor ilumina e chama. São os homens que se colocam na posição de não conseguir mais escutar.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina