Znaleziono 574 Wyniki dla: Christ

  • With these, your enemies have reproached you, O Lord; with these, they have reproached the commutation of your Christ. (Psalms 88, 52)

  • Do not be willing to touch my Christ, and do not be willing to malign my prophets. (Psalms 104, 15)

  • For the sake of your servant David, do not turn away the face of your Christ. (Psalms 131, 10)

  • There, I will produce a horn to David. There, I have prepared a lamp for my Christ. (Psalms 131, 17)

  • And before the time of the end of his life in the world, he offered testimony in the sight of the Lord and of his Christ, that he had not taken a bribe from any flesh, not even so much as a shoe, and that no man made an accusation against him. (Ecclesiasticus 46, 22)

  • RES. The spirit of our mouth, Christ the Lord, has been captured by our sins; to him, we said, “In your shadow, we will live among the Gentiles.” (Lamentations 4, 20)

  • Therefore, know and take heed: from the going forth of the word to build up Jerusalem again, until the Christ leader, there will be seven weeks of years, and sixty-two weeks of years; and the wide path will be built again, and the walls, in a time of anguish. (Daniel 9, 25)

  • And after sixty-two weeks of years, the Christ leader will be slain. And the people who have denied him will not be his. And the people, when their leader arrives, will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will be devastation, and, after the end of the war, the desolation will be set up. (Daniel 9, 26)

  • You have gone forth for the salvation of your people, for salvation with your Christ. You struck the head of the house of the impious. You have laid bare his foundation all the way to the neck. (Habakkuk 3, 13)

  • The book of the lineage of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. (Matthew 1, 1)

  • And Jacob conceived Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. (Matthew 1, 16)

  • And so, all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David to the transmigration of Babylon, fourteen generations; and from the transmigration of Babylon to the Christ, fourteen generations. (Matthew 1, 17)

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