1. David sang this song to Yahweh on the day Yahweh delivered him from his enemies and from Saul.

2. He said, The Lord is my rock, my rampart, my deliverer

3. and my God, the rock in whom I take refuge. He is my shield, my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my Savior; you save me from violence.

4. I call on the Lord, who is worthy of praise; he saves me from my enemies.

5. Waters of death carried me along, torrents of destruction terrified me.

6. Caught as by the cords of the grave, I was utterly helpless before the snares of death.

7. But I called upon the Lord in my distress, to my God I cried for help; and from his temple he heard my voice, my cry of grief reached his ears.

8. Then the earth reeled and rocked; the foundations of the heavens shook; they trembled in his fury.

9. From his nostrils smoke rose, from his mouth a devouring fire throwing off live embers.

10. He bent the heavens and came down with dark clouds under his feet.

11. He rode on a cherub and flew, he was seen on the wings of the wind.

12. He set darkness around him as his tent, a heap of waters in the thick clouds.

13. Then from the brightness of his presence flared up fiery embers.

14. From heaven the Lord thundered; the voice of the Most High resounded.

15. Sending out a hail of arrows, he scattered them; flashing forth bolts of lightning, he routed them.

16. The beds of the seas lay uncovered as the foundations of the world were laid bare, at your rebuke, O Yahweh, at the blast from your nostril's breath.

17. Reaching down from above, he drew me out of the deep water.

18. Too strong for me were my enemies, but he rescued me from my adversaries.

19. They have launched their attack in an opportune day but the Lord has been my stay.

20. In the open he has set me free. How great indeed is his love for me!

21. Yahweh rewarded me according to my justice, and according to my righteousness.

22. For I have been faithful to Yahweh's way and I did not sin far from him.

23. With his ordinances all before me, I have always followed his statutes.

24. Before him I have done uprightly and kept myself from iniquity.

25. Therefore Yahweh has given me recompense according to my righteousness.

26. To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to the blameless you show yourself blameless;

27. to the pure you show yourself pure; but to the crooked you show yourself astute.

28. For you raise up the humble and humiliate the arrogant.

29. Yahweh, you are my lamp. O my God, you brighten up my darkness.

30. Yes, with you I can crush an armed band, and by my God I can leap over a wall.

31. This God - his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is always fulfilled. To those who seek refuge in him, he is a shield.

32. There is no other God but Yahweh; there is no other rock but our God.

33. This God is my stronghold and keeps my path unerring and safe.

34. He has made my feet as swift as the hinds'; he has set me secure on the heights.

35. He trains my hands for war and my arms to bend a bow of brass.

36. You have given me your shield for protection, and your help has made me great.

37. You have given wide room for my steps, so that they have never faltered.

38. I have pursued my enemies and wiped them out, I did not turn back till I had destroyed them.

39. Thrusting them through, I did not give them time to rise as they fell under my feet.

40. You have given me strength for the battle; you have subdued my adversaries beneath me;

41. you have put my enemies to flight and destroyed those who opposed me.

42. They cried for help, but no one came. They cried to the Lord; he did not answer them.

43. I pulverized them as dust of the earth; like mud in the streets I trampled on them.

44. You have delivered me from the people's assault and have made me head over the nations. They came to serve me - people I had not known.

45. Foreigners approached me, cringing and fawning. At the sound of my voice, they rose to obey.

46. Foreigners succumbed or locked themselves in their fortresses.

47. Yahweh lives! Praised be my rock! Exalted be my savior God -

48. the God who grants me vengeance and subdues the peoples for me.

49. He brings me out from my foes; he exalts me above my adversaries; he rescues me from men of violence.

50. For this I will extol you, Yahweh, among the nations; I will sing praise to your name.

51. You have given your king great victory; you have shown your love forever to your anointed, to David and to his descendants.

“A caridade é o metro com o qual o Senhor nos julgará.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina