Talált 295 Eredmények: wisdom

  • How you counsel, as though he had no wisdom; how profuse is the advice you offer! (Job 26, 3)

  • But whence can wisdom be obtained, and where is the place of understanding? (Job 28, 12)

  • Whence, then, comes wisdom, and where is the place of understanding? (Job 28, 20)

  • Then he saw wisdom and appraised it, gave it its setting, knew it through and through. (Job 28, 27)

  • And to man he said: Behold, the fear of the LORD is wisdom; and avoiding evil is understanding. (Job 28, 28)

  • Days should speak, I thought, and many years teach wisdom! (Job 32, 7)

  • Yet do not say, "We have met wisdom. God may vanquish him but not man!" (Job 32, 13)

  • If not, then do you listen to me; be silent while I teach you wisdom. (Job 33, 33)

  • Who counts the clouds in his wisdom? Or who tilts the water jars of heaven (Job 38, 37)

  • Who puts wisdom in the heart, and gives the cock its understanding? (Job 38, 36)

  • For God has withheld wisdom from her and has given her no share in understanding. (Job 39, 17)

  • The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul. The decree of the LORD is trustworthy, giving wisdom to the simple. (Psalms 19, 8)

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