Talált 116 Eredmények: sing

  • As they began to sing their joy and their praise, Yahweh threw the invading armies into a panic and completely destroyed them. The Moabites and the Ammonites struck the people of Seir and there was a disaster. (2 Chronicles 20, 22)

  • Jehoiada posted sentries to guard Yahweh's House under the authority of the levitical priests. David had appointed them in Yahweh's House to offer the burnt offerings of Yahweh according to the Law of Moses, and to sing joyfully the songs of David. (2 Chronicles 23, 18)

  • Then King Hezekiah and the officials told the Levites to sing praise to Yahweh in the words of David and of Asaph the prophet; they sang praises till their joy was full and then they fell down and worshiped. (2 Chronicles 29, 30)

  • Judith said, "Sing a song to my God with tambourines, sing in honor of God with cymbals. Compose for him a psalm of praise. Exalt and bless his Name! (Judith 16, 1)

  • I will sing to my God a new song: Lord, you are great and glorious, wonderfully strong, invincible! (Judith 16, 13)

  • Hear my supplication, have mercy on your inheritance. Turn our mourning into rejoicing, that we may live to sing praise to your name, O Lord. Do not silence the mouths of those who give you praise. (Esther 13, 17)

  • to shut the mouths that give you praise, to quench the glory of your Temple and your altar and instead to let the pagans sing the praise of worthless idols, and idolize forever a king of flesh. (Esther 14, 10)

  • They sing to the rhythm of timbrel and harp; make merry to the sound of the flute. (Job 21, 12)

  • And now their sons sing of my disgrace; I have become a byword among them. (Job 30, 9)

  • But for those who take refuge in you, let them ever sing and rejoice. Let your deliverance shield them, that they may praise you in gladness - those who love your name, O Lord. (Psalms 5, 12)

  • I will rejoice in the Lord for his justice, and sing to the Most High in gratitude and praise. (Psalms 7, 18)

  • and rejoice and exult in you, and sing praise to your name, O Most High. (Psalms 9, 3)

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