Talált 16 Eredmények: meaningless

  • Should he argue in empty talk, in words that are meaningless? (Job 15, 3)

  • All is meaningless - says the Teacher - meaningless, meaningless! (Ecclesiastes 1, 2)

  • It is a burdensome task which God has given to the sons of men! I have seen everything that is done under the sun, but all is meaningless: it is chasing the wind. (Ecclesiastes 1, 14)

  • Then I considered all I had achieved by my work and all the toil it had entailed and found that it was all meaningless and chasing wind. There is no profit under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 2, 11)

  • And I thought, "If the fate of the fool will be mine as well, what did my wisdom profit me?" I thought to myself that, too, is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 2, 15)

  • So I hated life seeing the wrong in everything that is done under the sun: all is meaningless and chasing wind. (Ecclesiastes 2, 17)

  • I have achieved by my own efforts and wisdom: that too is meaningless. And I began to despair in my heart over all my labor under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 2, 20)

  • For here was a man who toiled in all wisdom, knowledge and skill and he must leave all to someone who has not worked for it. This is meaningless and a great misfortune. (Ecclesiastes 2, 21)

  • All his days bring sorrow, his work grief; he hasn't, moreover, peaceful rest at night: that too is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 2, 23)

  • To the man who pleases him, he gives wisdom, knowledge and joy, while to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up what will be given to another who pleases God: this too is meaningless and chasing wind. (Ecclesiastes 2, 26)

  • I saw that all that is done, all that succeeds, results from rivalry with the neighbor: all is meaningless and chasing the wind. (Ecclesiastes 4, 4)

  • Who knows what is the good way of life for man, during the days of his meaningless life which pass like a shadow? Who will let him know what will happen after he has gone? (Ecclesiastes 6, 12)

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