Talált 375 Eredmények: altar

  • For me you are to make an altar of earth, and on it you will sacrifice burnt offerings and peace offerings, your sheep and your cattle. In every place where you come to remember my name, I will come to you and bless you. (Exodus 20, 24)

  • If you build an altar of stone, do not make it of cut stones, for you will defile it by using tools on it. (Exodus 20, 25)

  • And you will not ascend my altar on steps lest you expose your nakedness on it. (Exodus 20, 26)

  • Instead, if a man willfully attacks another to kill him treacherously, you will take him away even from my altar and put him to death. (Exodus 21, 14)

  • Moses wrote down all the words of Yahweh, then rose early in the morning and built an altar at the foot of the mountain with twelve raised stones for the twelve tribes of Israel. (Exodus 24, 4)

  • And Moses took half the blood and put it in basins; and with the other half of the blood he sprinkled the altar. (Exodus 24, 6)

  • You are to make an altar out of acacia wood, a square five cubits long and five cubits wide, its height to be three cubits. (Exodus 27, 1)

  • For the service of the altar you are to make pans for the ashes for burning the fat, as well as shovels, sprinkling basins, fire pans; you must make all the vessels for the altar out of bronze. (Exodus 27, 3)

  • You shall set it under the altar's ledge, below, so that it reaches halfway up the altar. (Exodus 27, 5)

  • And for the carrying of the altar you are to make poles of acacia wood and cover them with bronze. (Exodus 27, 6)

  • These are to be passed through the rings, so that they are on either side of the altar when it is carried. (Exodus 27, 7)

  • You are to make the altar of hollowed-out boards; in the same way that was shown to you on the mountain. (Exodus 27, 8)

“No tumulto das paixões terrenas e das adversidades, surge a grande esperança da misericórdia inexorável de Deus. Corramos confiantes ao tribunal da penitência onde Ele, com ansiedade paterna, espera-nos a todo instante.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina