Talált 250 Eredmények: Abraham

  • Now, about the resurrection of the dead, have you never reflected on the chapter of the burning bush in the book of Moses? God said to him: I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. (Mark 12, 26)

  • even as he promised our fathers, Abraham and his descendants forever." (Luke 1, 55)

  • the oath he swore to Abraham, our father, (Luke 1, 73)

  • Produce now the fruits of a true change of heart, and do not deceive yourselves by saying: 'Abraham is our ancestor!.' For I tell you, God can make children of Abraham from these stones. (Luke 3, 8)

  • Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Terah, Nahor, (Luke 3, 34)

  • And here you have a daughter of Abraham whom Satan had bound for eighteen years. Should she not be freed from her bonds on the sabbath?" (Luke 13, 16)

  • You will weep and grind your teeth when you see Abraham and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves left outside. (Luke 13, 28)

  • It happened that the poor man died and angels carried him to take his place with Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. (Luke 16, 22)

  • From hell where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham afar off, and with him Lazarus at rest. (Luke 16, 23)

  • He called out: 'Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus with the tip of his finger dipped in water to cool my tongue, for I suffer so much in this fire.' (Luke 16, 24)

  • Abraham replied: 'My son, remember that in your lifetime you were well-off while the lot of Lazarus was misfortune. Now he is in comfort and you are in agony. (Luke 16, 25)

  • The rich man implored once more: 'Then I beg you, Father Abraham, to send Lazarus to my father's house (Luke 16, 27)

“O mal não se vence com o mal, mas com o bem, que tem em si uma força sobrenatural.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina