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  • They therefore handed over to Jacob all the foreign gods in their possession and also the rings they had in their ears. (Genesis 35, 4)

  • Cast four gold rings and fasten them on the four supports of the ark, two rings on one side and two on the opposite side. (Exodus 25, 12)

  • These poles you are to put through the rings on the sides of the ark, for carrying it; (Exodus 25, 14)

  • they must remain in the rings of the ark and never be withdrawn. (Exodus 25, 15)

  • You shall also make four rings of gold for it and fasten them at the four corners, one at each leg, (Exodus 25, 26)

  • Plate the boards with gold, and make gold rings on them as holders for the bars, which are also to be plated with gold. (Exodus 26, 29)

  • Make a grating of bronze network for it; this to have four bronze rings, one at each of its four corners. (Exodus 27, 4)

  • These poles are to be put through the rings, so that they are on either side of the altar when it is carried. (Exodus 27, 7)

  • you shall then make two rings of gold for it and fasten them to the two upper ends of the breastpiece. (Exodus 28, 23)

  • The gold cords are then to be fastened to the two rings at the upper ends of the breastpiece, (Exodus 28, 24)

  • Make two other rings of gold and put them on the two lower ends of the breastpiece, on its edge that faces the ephod. (Exodus 28, 26)

  • Then make two more rings of gold and fasten them to the bottom of the shoulder straps next to where they join the ephod in front, just above its embroidered belt. (Exodus 28, 27)

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