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  • Balaam answered God, "Balak, son of Zippor, king of Moab, sent me the message: (Numbers 22, 10)

  • Balaam answered him, "Well, I have come to you after all. But what power have I to say anything? I can speak only what God puts in my mouth." (Numbers 22, 38)

  • But Balaam answered Balak, "Did I not warn you that I must do all that the LORD tells me?" (Numbers 23, 26)

  • But Moses answered the Gadites and Reubenites: "Are your kinsmen, then, to engage in war, while you remain here? (Numbers 32, 6)

  • The Gadites and Reubenites answered Moses, "Your servants will do as you command, my lord. (Numbers 32, 25)

  • You answered me, 'We agree to do as you have proposed.' (Deuteronomy 1, 14)

  • "We will do all you have commanded us," they answered Joshua, "and we will go wherever you send us. We will obey you as completely as we obeyed Moses. (Joshua 1, 16)

  • "We pledge our lives for yours," the men answered her. "If you do not betray this errand of ours, we will be faithful in showing kindness to you when the LORD gives us the land." (Joshua 2, 14)

  • The men answered her, "This is how we will fulfill the oath you made us take: (Joshua 2, 17)

  • Achan answered Joshua, "I have indeed sinned against the LORD, the God of Israel. This is what I have done: (Joshua 7, 20)

  • But they answered Joshua, "We are your servants." Then Joshua asked them, "Who are you? Where do you come from?" (Joshua 9, 8)

  • They answered him, "Your servants have come from a far-off land, because of the fame of the LORD, your God. For we have heard reports of all that he did in Egypt (Joshua 9, 9)

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