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  • Yahweh your God will make all these curses recoil on your foes and on your enemies who have persecuted you. (Deuteronomy 30, 7)

  • And this was so that the crime committed against Jerubbaal's seventy sons should be avenged, and their blood recoil on their brother Abimelech who had murdered them, and on those leaders of Shechem who had helped him to murder his brothers. (Judges 9, 24)

  • Thus God made to recoil on Abimelech the evil he had done his father by murdering his seventy brothers, (Judges 9, 56)

  • and all the evil that the men of Shechem had done God made recoil on their heads too. And so the curse of Jotham son of Jerubbaal came true for them. (Judges 9, 57)

  • The slaughter of our brothers, the captivity of our country, the unpeopling of our heritage, will recoil on our own heads among the nations whose slaves we shall become, and our new masters will look down on us as an outrage and a disgrace; (Judith 8, 22)

  • you will only plunge me into the dung, till my clothes themselves recoil from me! (Job 9, 31)

  • All my dearest friends recoil from me in horror: those I loved best have turned against me. (Job 19, 19)

  • May their wickedness recoil on those who lie in wait for me. Yahweh, in your constancy destroy them. (Psalms 54, 5)

  • to whom I was bound by intimate friendship in the house of God! May they recoil in disorder, (Psalms 55, 14)

  • He had a taste for cursing; let it recoil on him! No taste for blessing; let it never come his way! (Psalms 109, 17)

  • but, if disaster befalls you, he will recoil from you and keep out of your way. (Ecclesiasticus 6, 12)

  • On anyone who does evil, evil will recoil, without his knowing where it comes from. (Ecclesiasticus 27, 27)

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