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  • then, through the gates of this city, kings who sit upon the throne of David will continue to enter, riding in their chariots or upon their horses, along with their princes, and the men of Judah, and the citizens of Jerusalem. This city will remain inhabited forever. (Jeremiah 17, 25)

  • If you carry out these commands, kings who succeed to the throne of David will continue to enter the gates of this palace, riding in chariots or mounted on horses, with their ministers, and their people. (Jeremiah 22, 4)

  • Harness the horses, mount, charioteers! Fall in with your helmets; polish your spears, put on your breastplates. (Jeremiah 46, 4)

  • Forward, horses! drive madly, chariots! Set out, warriors, Cush and Put, bearing your shields, Men of Lud, stretching your bows!" (Jeremiah 46, 9)

  • Raise a signal on the earth, blow the trumpet among the nations; Dedicate peoples to war against her, summon against her the kingdoms, Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz; Appoint recruiting officers against her, send up horses like bristling locusts. (Jeremiah 51, 27)

  • But this man rebelled against him, sending envoys to Egypt to obtain horses and a great army. Can he prosper? Can he who does such things escape? Can he break a covenant and still go free? (Ezekiel 17, 15)

  • dressed in purple, governors and officers, all of them attractive young men, knights mounted on horses. (Ezekiel 23, 6)

  • She too lusted after the Assyrians, governors and officers, warriors impeccably clothed, knights mounted on horses, all of them attractive young men. (Ezekiel 23, 12)

  • For thus says the Lord GOD: I am now bringing up against Tyre from the north Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, the king of kings, with horses and chariots, with cavalry and a great and mighty army. (Ezekiel 26, 7)

  • The surge of his horses shall cover you with dust, amid the noise of steeds, of wheels and of chariots. Your walls shall shake as he enters your gates, even as one enters a city that is breached. (Ezekiel 26, 10)

  • With the hoofs of his horses he shall trample all your streets; Your people he shall slay by the sword; your mighty pillars he shall pull to the ground. (Ezekiel 26, 11)

  • From Beth-togarmah horses, steeds, and mules were exchanged for your wares. (Ezekiel 27, 14)

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