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  • I will lead you forth with all your army, horses and riders all handsomely outfitted, a great horde with bucklers and shields, all of them carrying swords: (Ezekiel 38, 4)

  • and come from your home in the recesses of the north, you and many peoples with you, all mounted on horses, a great horde and a mighty army? (Ezekiel 38, 15)

  • You shall be filled at my table with horses and riders, with warriors and soldiers of every kind, says the Lord GOD. (Ezekiel 39, 20)

  • Yet for the house of Judah I feel pity; I will save them by the LORD, their God; But I will not save them by war, by sword or bow, by horses or horsemen. (Hosea 1, 7)

  • Assyria will not save us, nor shall we have horses to mount; We shall say no more, 'Our god,' to the work of our hands; for in you the orphan finds compassion." (Hosea 14, 4)

  • Their appearance is that of horses; like steeds they run. (Joel 2, 4)

  • I sent upon you a pestilence like that of Egypt, and with the sword I slew your young men; Your horses I let be captured, to your nostrils I brought the stench of your camps; Yet you returned not to me, says the LORD. (Amos 4, 10)

  • Can horses run across a cliff? or can one plow the sea with oxen? Yet you have turned judgment into gall, and the fruit of justice into wormwood. (Amos 6, 12)

  • On that day, says the LORD, I will destroy the horses from your midst and ruin your chariots; (Micah 5, 9)

  • The shields of his warriors are crimsoned, the soldiers colored in scarlet; Fiery steel are the chariots on the day of his mustering. The horses are frenzied; (Nahum 2, 4)

  • The crack of the whip, the rumbling sounds of wheels; horses a-gallop, chariots bounding, (Nahum 3, 2)

  • Swifter than leopards are his horses, and keener than wolves at evening. His horses prance, his horsemen come from afar: They fly like the eagle hastening to devour; (Habakkuk 1, 8)

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