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  • In truth, going forth from the Red Sea, they occupied the deserts of mount Sinai, in which man could never dwell, nor a son of man take rest. (Judith 5, 14)

  • But if, in truth, there may be no offense of this people before their God, we will not be able to resist them, because their God will defend them, and we will become a disgrace to the whole earth.” (Judith 5, 25)

  • In truth, after this, all the people were called together, and they prayed throughout the entire night within the assembly, petitioning help from the God of Israel. (Judith 6, 21)

  • In truth, Judith was praying to the Lord as she crossed through the gates, she and her handmaid. (Judith 10, 10)

  • In truth, after this, when he had recovered his breath, he fell down before her feet, and he showed reverence for her, and he said: (Judith 13, 30)

  • In truth, those who returned victorious to Bethulia brought with them everything that was theirs. So there was no numbering their cattle, and beasts, and everything they could carry, so much so that, from the least to the greatest, all were made rich by their spoils. (Judith 15, 8)

  • In truth, Haman the son of Hammedatha the Bougaean had great honor in the eyes of the king, and he wanted to harm Mordecai and his people because of the two eunuchs of the king who had been executed. (Esther 2, 6)

  • But in truth, those Jews who were staying in unwalled towns and villages, appointed the fourteenth day of the month Adar for celebration and gladness, so as to rejoice on that day and send one another portions of their feasts and their meals. (Esther 14, 19)

  • And they sent to all the Jews, who had been stirred up in the one hundred twenty-seven provinces of king Artaxerxes, that they should have peace and receive truth, (Esther 14, 30)

  • Why have you diminished the words of truth, when there is none of you who is able to offer proof against me? (Job 6, 25)

  • In truth, ask the mules, and they will teach you, and the birds of the sky, and they will reveal to you. (Job 12, 7)

  • altering the lips of those who speak the truth and sweeping away the teaching of the aged. (Job 12, 20)

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