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  • In truth, his wife Anna went out to weaving work daily, and she brought back the provisions that she was able to obtain by the labor of her hands. (Tobit 2, 19)

  • saying, “O Lord, you are just and all your judgments are just, and all your ways are mercy, and truth, and judgment. (Tobit 3, 2)

  • In truth, on the second night, you will become ready to receive a physical union like that of the holy Patriarchs. (Tobit 6, 20)

  • In truth, after they had dined, they introduced the young man to her. (Tobit 8, 1)

  • In truth, when Tobias was delayed because of the marriage celebration, his father Tobit was worried, saying: “Why do you think my son is delayed, or why has he been detained there? (Tobit 10, 1)

  • In truth, Raguel said to his son-in-law, “Remain here, and I will send a message of your health to your father Tobit.” (Tobit 10, 8)

  • Therefore, I reveal the truth to you, and I will not hide the explanation from you. (Tobit 12, 11)

  • And, in truth, the remainder of his life was in gladness. And so, with the good accomplishment of the fear of God, he departed in peace. (Tobit 14, 4)

  • Therefore, my sons, listen to your father. Serve the Lord in truth, and seek to do the things that please him. (Tobit 14, 10)

  • And command your sons, so that they may accomplish justice and almsgiving, and so that they may be mindful of God and may bless him at all times, in truth and with all their strength. (Tobit 14, 11)

  • From stones, cut and squared, he made its walls: seventy cubits in height and thirty cubits in breadth. And, in truth, he set its towers one hundred cubits in height. (Judith 1, 2)

  • Then Achior, commander of all the sons of Ammon, responding, said: “If you would deign to listen, my lord, I will tell the truth in your sight about this people, who dwell in the mountains, and not a false word will go forth from my mouth. (Judith 5, 5)

“Subamos sem nos cansarmos, sob a celeste vista do Salvador. Distanciemo-nos das afeições terrenas. Despojemo-nos do homem velho e vistamo-nos do homem novo. Aspiremos à felicidade que nos está reservada.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina