Löydetty 74 Tulokset: Riches

  • So God said to him: "Because you have asked for this--not for a long life for yourself, nor for riches, nor for the life of your enemies, but for understanding so that you may know what is right-- (1 Kings 3, 11)

  • In addition, I give you what you have not asked for, such riches and glory that among kings there is not your like. (1 Kings 3, 13)

  • Thus King Solomon surpassed in riches and wisdom all the kings of the earth. (1 Kings 10, 23)

  • "Riches and honor are from you, and you have dominion over all. In your hand are power and might; it is yours to give grandeur and strength to all. (1 Chronicles 29, 12)

  • God then replied to Solomon: "Since this has been your wish and you have not asked for riches, treasures and glory, nor for the life of those who hate you, nor even for a long life for yourself, but have asked for wisdom and knowledge in order to rule my people over whom I have made you king, (2 Chronicles 1, 11)

  • wisdom and knowledge are given you; but I will also give you riches, treasures and glory, such as kings before you never had, nor will those have them who come after you." (2 Chronicles 1, 12)

  • Thus King Solomon surpassed all the other kings of the earth in riches as well as in wisdom. (2 Chronicles 9, 22)

  • He built cities for himself, and he acquired sheep and oxen in great numbers, for God gave him very great riches. (2 Chronicles 32, 29)

  • The remaining inhabitants of Bethulia swept down on the camp of the Assyrians, plundered it, and acquired great riches. (Judith 15, 6)

  • For as many as a hundred and eighty days, he displayed the glorious riches of his kingdom and the resplendent wealth of his royal estate. (Esther 1, 4)

  • He recounted the greatness of his riches, the large number of his sons, and just how the king had promoted him and placed him above the officials and royal servants. (Esther 5, 11)

  • The riches he swallowed he shall disgorge; God shall compel his belly to disown them. (Job 20, 15)

“Os talentos de que fala o Evangelho são os cinco sentidos, a inteligência e a vontade. Quem tem mais talentos, tem maior dever de usá-los para o bem dos outros.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina