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  • as well as two chains of pure gold, twisted like cords, and fasten the cordlike chains to the filigree rosettes. (Exodus 28, 14)

  • "The breastpiece of decision you shall also have made, embroidered like the ephod with gold thread and violet, purple and scarlet yarn on cloth of fine linen twined. (Exodus 28, 15)

  • in the fourth row, a chrysolite, an onyx and a jasper. These stones are to be mounted in gold filigree work, (Exodus 28, 20)

  • "When the chains of pure gold, twisted like cords, have been made for the breastpiece, (Exodus 28, 22)

  • you shall then make two rings of gold for it and fasten them to the two upper ends of the breastpiece. (Exodus 28, 23)

  • The gold cords are then to be fastened to the two rings at the upper ends of the breastpiece, (Exodus 28, 24)

  • Make two other rings of gold and put them on the two lower ends of the breastpiece, on its edge that faces the ephod. (Exodus 28, 26)

  • Then make two more rings of gold and fasten them to the bottom of the shoulder straps next to where they join the ephod in front, just above its embroidered belt. (Exodus 28, 27)

  • All around the hem at the bottom you shall make pomegranates, woven of violet, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen twined, with gold bells between them; (Exodus 28, 33)

  • first a gold bell, then a pomegranate, and thus alternating all around the hem of the robe. (Exodus 28, 34)

  • "You shall also make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it, as on a seal engraving, 'Sacred to the LORD.' (Exodus 28, 36)

  • Its grate on top, its walls on all four sides, and its horns you shall plate with pure gold. Put a gold molding around it. (Exodus 30, 3)

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