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  • Esau asked, 'What was the purpose of that whole camp I just met?' 'To win my lord's favour,' he replied. (Genesis 33, 8)

  • But with regard to the children you have had since them, they shall be yours, and they shall be known by their brothers' names for the purpose of their inheritance. (Genesis 48, 6)

  • The amount of gold used for the work, for the entire work for the sanctuary (the gold consecrated for the purpose) was twenty-nine talents and seven hundred and thirty shekels, reckoned by the sanctuary shekel. (Exodus 38, 24)

  • The bronze consecrated for the purpose amounted to seventy talents and two thousand four hundred shekels, (Exodus 38, 29)

  • The fat of an animal that has died a natural death or been savaged by beasts may be used for any other purpose, but you are not to eat it. (Leviticus 7, 24)

  • Its purpose is to distinguish the clean from the unclean, the creatures that may be eaten from those that may not be eaten. (Leviticus 11, 47)

  • The purpose of this is that the Israelites should instead bring their sacrifices, which they would otherwise offer in the countryside, to Yahweh at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, to the priest, and offer them as communion sacrifices to Yahweh; (Leviticus 17, 5)

  • "These are Yahweh's solemn festivals to which you will summon the Israelites, the sacred assemblies for the purpose of offering food burnt for Yahweh, consisting of burnt offerings, cereal offerings, sacrifices and libations, each on its appropriate day, (Leviticus 23, 37)

  • For this purpose they designated Kedesh in Galilee, in the highlands of Naphtali, Shechem in the highlands of Ephraim, and Kiriath-Arba -- now Hebron -- in the highlands of Judah. (Joshua 20, 7)

  • They divided the country for the purpose of their survey; Ahab went one way by himself and Obadiah went another way by himself. (1 Kings 18, 6)

  • Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel our ancestors, watch over this for ever, shape the purpose of your people's heart and direct their hearts to you, (1 Chronicles 29, 18)

  • He also appointed gatekeepers for the gates of the Temple of Yahweh, so that no one who was unclean might enter for any purpose at all. (2 Chronicles 23, 19)

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