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  • Later two prostitutes came to the king and stood before him. (1 Kings 3, 16)

  • There were even male sacred prostitutes in the country. He copied all the shameful practices of the nations whom Yahweh had dispossessed for the Israelites. (1 Kings 14, 24)

  • He drove the male prostitutes out of the country and got rid of all the idols which his ancestors had made. (1 Kings 15, 12)

  • They washed the chariot at the Pool of Samaria; the dogs licked up the blood, and the prostitutes washed in it, in accordance with the word which Yahweh had spoken. (1 Kings 22, 38)

  • The few male sacred prostitutes left over from the days of his father Asa, he expelled from the country. (1 Kings 22, 47)

  • He pulled down the house of the sacred male prostitutes which was in the Temple of Yahweh and where the women wove veils for Asherah. (2 Kings 23, 7)

  • die in the bloom of youth or live among the male prostitutes of the temple. (Job 36, 14)

  • The Temple was filled with revelling and debauchery by the gentiles, who took their pleasure with prostitutes and had intercourse with women in the sacred precincts, introducing other indecencies besides. (2 Maccabees 6, 4)

  • The lover of Wisdom makes his father glad, but the patron of prostitutes fritters his wealth away. (Proverbs 29, 3)

  • And sometimes, the priests filch gold and silver from their gods to spend on themselves, even giving some of it to the prostitutes on the terrace. (Baruch 6, 9)

  • All prostitutes accept presents, but you give presents to all your lovers, you bribe them to come from all over the place to fornicate with you! (Ezekiel 16, 33)

  • I shall not punish your daughters for playing the whore nor your daughters-in-law for committing adultery, when the men themselves are wandering off with whores and offering sacrifice with sacred prostitutes, for a people with no understanding is doomed. (Hosea 4, 14)

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