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  • So accept the gift I have brought for you, since God has been generous to me and I have all I need.' And he urged him, and Esau accepted. (Genesis 33, 11)

  • Whatever passes your lips you must keep to, and the vow that you have made to Yahweh, your generous God, you must fulfil. (Deuteronomy 23, 24)

  • Yes, Lord Yahweh, you are God indeed, your words are true and you have made this generous promise to your servant. (2 Samuel 7, 28)

  • Yes, Yahweh, you are God indeed, and you have made this generous promise to your servant. (1 Chronicles 17, 26)

  • Hezekiah spoke again, 'Now that you have consecrated yourselves to Yahweh, come forward and bring thanksgiving sacrifices to the Temple of Yahweh.' Then the congregation brought thanksgiving sacrifices and those who were generous brought burnt offerings. (2 Chronicles 29, 31)

  • Be generous with bread and wine on the graves of upright people, but not for the sinner. (Tobit 4, 17)

  • Early in the morning they set off together for the feast, and reached Raguel's house where they found Tobias dining. He rose to greet Gabael, who burst into tears and blessed him with the words, 'Excellent son of a father beyond reproach, just and generous in his dealings! The Lord give heaven's blessing to you, to your wife, to your wife's father and mother! Blessed be God for granting me the sight of this living image of my cousin Tobit!' (Tobit 9, 6)

  • Every man received full rations and a generous sum of gold and silver from the king's purse. (Judith 2, 18)

  • The wicked borrows and will not repay, but the upright is generous in giving; (Psalms 37, 21)

  • Give me back the joy of your salvation, sustain in me a generous spirit. (Psalms 51, 12)

  • Answer me, Yahweh, for your faithful love is generous; in your tenderness turn towards me; (Psalms 69, 16)

  • Yahweh, treat them as your name demands; as your faithful love is generous, deliver me. (Psalms 109, 21)

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