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  • He himself wields no more authority in this house than I do. He has exempted nothing from me except yourself, because you are his wife. How could I do anything so wicked, and sin against God?' (Genesis 39, 9)

  • They will collect all the food produced during these good years that are coming, and store the grain under Pharaoh's authority, putting it in the towns and keeping it. (Genesis 41, 35)

  • It was Joseph, as the man in authority over the country, who allocated the rations to the entire population. So Joseph's brothers went and bowed down before him, their faces touching the ground. (Genesis 42, 6)

  • "The priest will then put the woman on oath. He will say to her: If it is not true that a man has slept with you, that you have gone astray and made yourself unclean while under your husband's authority, may this water of bitterness and cursing do you no harm. (Numbers 5, 19)

  • But if it is true that you have gone astray while under your husband's authority, that you have made yourself unclean and that a man other than your husband has slept with you . . . (Numbers 5, 20)

  • "Such is the ritual in cases of suspicion, when a woman has gone astray and made herself unclean while under her husband's authority, (Numbers 5, 29)

  • conferring some of your own authority on him, so that the whole community of Israelites will obey him. (Numbers 27, 20)

  • For he is Yahweh our God, his authority extends throughout the world. (1 Chronicles 16, 14)

  • His son Shemaiah also had sons who wielded authority in their family, because they were men of outstanding quality. (1 Chronicles 26, 6)

  • Let this edict issued by the king be proclaimed throughout his empire -- which is great -- and all the women will henceforth bow to the authority of their husbands, both high and low alike.' (Esther 1, 20)

  • and the king appoint commissioners throughout the provinces of his realm to bring all these beautiful young virgins to the citadel of Susa, to the harem under the authority of Hegai the king's eunuch, custodian of the women. Here he will give them whatever they need for enhancing their beauty, (Esther 2, 3)

  • Mordecai came to hear of this and informed Queen Esther, who in turn, on Mordecai's authority, told the king. (Esther 2, 22)

“Todas as percepções humanas, de onde quer que venham, incluem o bem e o mal. É necessário saber determinar e assimilar todo o bem e oferecê-lo a Deus, e eliminar todo o mal.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina