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  • And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. (Genesis 32, 26)

  • For God breaketh the battles: for among the camps in the midst of the people he hath delivered me out of the hands of them that persecuted me. (Judith 16, 3)

  • For he breaketh me with a tempest, and multiplieth my wounds without cause. (Job 9, 17)

  • Behold, he breaketh down, and it cannot be built again: he shutteth up a man, and there can be no opening. (Job 12, 14)

  • He breaketh me with breach upon breach, he runneth upon me like a giant. (Job 16, 14)

  • The flood breaketh out from the inhabitant; [even the waters] forgotten of the foot: they are dried up, they are gone away from men. (Job 28, 4)

  • The voice of the LORD breaketh the cedars; yea, the LORD breaketh the cedars of Lebanon. (Psalms 29, 5)

  • He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire. (Psalms 46, 9)

  • My soul breaketh for the longing [that it hath] unto thy judgments at all times. (Psalms 119, 20)

  • But when Judas and his company had called upon Almighty God, who with his power breaketh the strength of his enemies, they won the city, and slew twenty and five thousand of them that were within, (2 Maccabees 12, 28)

  • By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone. (Proverbs 25, 15)

  • He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him. (Ecclesiastes 10, 8)

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