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  • For I have seen the captivity of my people, of my sons, and my daughters, which the Eternal hath brought upon them. (Baruch 4, 10)

  • Let them that dwell about Sion come, and remember the captivity of my sons and daughters, which the Eternal hath brought upon them. (Baruch 4, 14)

  • The cities which thy children have served, shall be punished: and she that received thy sons. (Baruch 4, 32)

  • Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers: and I will execute judgments in thee, and I will scatter thy whole remnant into every wind. (Ezekiel 5, 10)

  • If these three men shall be in it, as I live, saith the Lord, they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters: but they only shall be delivered, and the land shall be made desolate. (Ezekiel 14, 16)

  • And these three men be in the midst thereof: as I live, saith the Lord God, they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but they themselves alone shall be delivered. (Ezekiel 14, 18)

  • Yet there shall be left in it some that shall be saved, who shall bring away their sons and daughters: behold they shall come among you, and you shall see their way, and their doings: and you shall be comforted concerning the evil that I have brought upon Jerusalem, in all things that I have brought upon it. (Ezekiel 14, 22)

  • And thou hast taken thy sons, and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne to me: and best sacrificed the same to them to be devoured. Is thy fornication small? (Ezekiel 16, 20)

  • And their names were Oolla the elder, and Ooliba her younger sister: and I took them, and they bore sons and daughters. Now for their names, Samaria is Oolla, and Jerusalem is Ooliba. (Ezekiel 23, 4)

  • And she committed her fornications with those chosen men, all sons of the Assyrians: and she defiled herself with the uncleanness of all them on whom she doted. (Ezekiel 23, 7)

  • Therefore have I delivered her into the hands of her lovers, into the hands of the sons of the Assyrians, upon whose lust she doted. (Ezekiel 23, 9)

  • They discovered her disgrace, took away her sons and daughters, and slew her with the sword: and they became infamous women, and they executed judgments in her. (Ezekiel 23, 10)

O sábio elogia a mulher forte dizendo: os seu dedos manejaram o fuso. A roca é o alvo dos seus desejos. Fie, portanto, cada dia um pouco. Puxe fio a fio até a execução e, infalivelmente, você chegará ao fim. Mas não tenha pressa, pois senão você poderá misturar o fio com os nós e embaraçar tudo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina