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  • And the princes told Pharao, and praised her before him: and the woman was taken into the house of Pharao. (Genesis 12, 15)

  • These are the sons of Ismael: and these are their names by their castles and towns, twelve princes of their tribes. (Genesis 25, 16)

  • Then were the princes of Edom troubled, trembling seized on the stout men of Moab: all the inhabitants of Chanaan became stiff. (Exodus 15, 15)

  • But the princes offered onyx stone, and precious stones, for the ephod and the rational, (Exodus 35, 27)

  • And there shall be with you the princes of the tribes, and of the houses in their kindreds, (Numbers 1, 4)

  • These are the most noble princes of the multitude by their tribes and kindreds, and the chiefs of the army of Israel: (Numbers 1, 16)

  • These era they who were numbered by Moses and Aaron, and the twelve princes of Israel, every one by the houses of their kindreds. (Numbers 1, 44)

  • And the prince of the princes of the Levites, Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, shall be over them that watch for the guard of the sanctuary. (Numbers 3, 32)

  • So Moses and Aaron and the princes of the synagogue reckoned up the sons of Caath, by their kindreds and the houses of their fathers, (Numbers 4, 34)

  • All that were reckoned up of the Levites, and whom Moses and Aaron and the princes of Israel took by name, by the kindreds and houses of their fathers, (Numbers 4, 46)

  • The princes of Israel and the heads of the families, in every tribe, who were the rulers of them who had been numbered, offered (Numbers 7, 2)

  • Their gifts before the Lord, six wagons covered, and twelve oxen. Two princes offered one wagon, and each one an ox, and they offered them before the tabernacle. (Numbers 7, 3)

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