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  • Out of that land came forth Assur, and built Ninive, and the streets of the city, and Chale. (Genesis 10, 11)

  • Resen also between Ninive and Chale: this is the great city. (Genesis 10, 12)

  • And Sennacherib king of the Assyrians departing went away, and he re- turned and abode in Ninive. (2 Kings 19, 36)

  • And it came to pass that after the death of his mother, Tobias departed out of Ninive with his wife, and children, and children's children, and returned to his father and mother in law. (Tobit 14, 14)

  • The destruction of Ninive is at hand: for the word of the Lord must be fulfilled: and our brethren, that are scattered abroad from the land of Israel, shall return to it. (Tobit 14, 6)

  • And after he had lived a hundred and two years, he was buried honourably in Ninive. (Tobit 14, 2)

  • And as they were returning they came to Charan, which is in the midway to Ninive, the eleventh day. (Tobit 11, 1)

  • But they said: We are of the tribe of Nephtali, of the captiveof Ninive. (Tobit 7, 4)

  • And when by the captivity he with his wife and his son and all his tribe was come to the city of Ninive, (Tobit 1, 11)

  • Now in the twelfth year of his reign, Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians, who reigned in Ninive the great city, fought against Arphaxad and overcame him, (Judith 1, 5)

  • And Sennacherib the king of the Assyrians went out and departed, and returned, and dwelt in Ninive. (Isaiah 37, 37)

  • Arise, and go to Ninive the great city, and preach in it: for the wickedness thereof is come up before me. (Jonah 1, 2)

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