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  • To the woman, he also said: “I will multiply your labors and your conceptions. In pain shall you give birth to sons, and you shall be under your husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over you.” (Genesis 3, 16)

  • my hand has power to repay you with harm. But the God of your father said to me yesterday, ‘Beware that you not speak anything stern against Jacob.’ (Genesis 31, 29)

  • And live with us. The land is in your power: cultivate, trade, and possess it.” (Genesis 34, 10)

  • Neither is there anything which is not in my power, or that he has not delivered to me, except you, for you are his wife. How then can I do this evil act and sin against my God?” (Genesis 39, 9)

  • that now have already begun to occur, be gathered into storehouses. And let all the grain be stored away, under the power of Pharaoh, and let it be kept in the cities. (Genesis 41, 35)

  • Do not afflict him by power, but be fearful of your God. (Leviticus 25, 43)

  • and, by the right of inheritance, you shall transmit them to your posterity, and you shall possess them forever. But do not oppress your brothers, the sons of Israel, by power. (Leviticus 25, 46)

  • For he loved your fathers, and he chose their offspring after them. And he led you away from Egypt, advancing before you with his great power, (Deuteronomy 4, 37)

  • Otherwise, you might say in your heart: ‘My own strength, and the power of my own hand, have brought forth all these things for me.’ (Deuteronomy 8, 17)

  • From the sojourner and the new arrival, you may require its return. From your fellow countryman and neighbor, you will not have the power to request its return. (Deuteronomy 15, 3)

  • They responded: “Your servants have arrived, from a very far away land, in the name of the Lord, your God. For we have heard about the fame of his power, all the things that he has done in Egypt, (Joshua 9, 9)

  • And the Lord said to Gideon: “The people with you are many, but Midian shall not be delivered into their hands, for then Israel might glory against me, and say, ‘I was freed by my own power.’ (Judges 7, 2)

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