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  • And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Spirit came on them; and they spoke with tongues and prophesied. (Acts 19, 6)

  • And God did extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, (Acts 19, 11)

  • Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists undertook to pronounce the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, "I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches." (Acts 19, 13)

  • But the evil spirit answered them, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?" (Acts 19, 15)

  • Now after these events Paul resolved in the Spirit to pass through Macedo'nia and Acha'ia and go to Jerusalem, saying, "After I have been there, I must also see Rome." (Acts 19, 21)

  • And you see and hear that not only at Ephesus but almost throughout all Asia this Paul has persuaded and turned away a considerable company of people, saying that gods made with hands are not gods. (Acts 19, 26)

  • So the city was filled with the confusion; and they rushed together into the theater, dragging with them Ga'ius and Aristar'chus, Macedo'nians who were Paul's companions in travel. (Acts 19, 29)

  • Paul wished to go in among the crowd, but the disciples would not let him; (Acts 19, 30)

  • After the uproar ceased, Paul sent for the disciples and having exhorted them took leave of them and departed for Macedo'nia. (Acts 20, 1)

  • On the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul talked with them, intending to depart on the morrow; and he prolonged his speech until midnight. (Acts 20, 7)

  • And a young man named Eu'tychus was sitting in the window. He sank into a deep sleep as Paul talked still longer; and being overcome by sleep, he fell down from the third story and was taken up dead. (Acts 20, 9)

  • But Paul went down and bent over him, and embracing him said, "Do not be alarmed, for his life is in him." (Acts 20, 10)

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