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  • He confessed, he did not deny, but confessed, "I am not the Christ." (John 1, 20)

  • They asked him, "Then why are you baptizing, if you are neither the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the prophet?" (John 1, 25)

  • He first found his brother Simon, and said to him, "We have found the Messiah" (which means Christ). (John 1, 41)

  • You yourselves bear me witness, that I said, I am not the Christ, but I have been sent before him. (John 3, 28)

  • The woman said to him, "I know that Messiah is coming (he who is called Christ); when he comes, he will show us all things." (John 4, 25)

  • "Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?" (John 4, 29)

  • And here he is, speaking openly, and they say nothing to him! Can it be that the authorities really know that this is the Christ? (John 7, 26)

  • Yet we know where this man comes from; and when the Christ appears, no one will know where he comes from." (John 7, 27)

  • Yet many of the people believed in him; they said, "When the Christ appears, will he do more signs than this man has done?" (John 7, 31)

  • Others said, "This is the Christ." But some said, "Is the Christ to come from Galilee? (John 7, 41)

  • Has not the scripture said that the Christ is descended from David, and comes from Bethlehem, the village where David was?" (John 7, 42)

  • His parents said this because they feared the Jews, for the Jews had already agreed that if any one should confess him to be Christ, he was to be put out of the synagogue. (John 9, 22)

“O Coração de Jesus não deixará cair no vazio a nossa oração se ela for plena de fé e de confiança.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina