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  • Solomon loved Yahweh: he followed the precepts of his father David, except that he offered sacrifice and incense on the high places. (1 Kings 3, 3)

  • Bless the Lord God in everything; beg him to guide your ways and bring your paths and purposes to their end. For wisdom is not the property of every nation; their desire for what is good is conferred by the Lord. At his will he lifts up or he casts down to the depths of the dwelling of the dead. So now, my child, remember these precepts and never let hem fade from your heart. (Tobit 4, 19)

  • The precepts of Yahweh are honest, joy for the heart; the commandment of Yahweh is pure, light for the eyes. (Psalms 19, 8)

  • as long as they keep his covenant, and carefully obey his precepts. (Psalms 103, 18)

  • The works of his hands are fidelity and justice, all his precepts are trustworthy, (Psalms 111, 7)

  • You lay down your precepts to be carefully kept. (Psalms 119, 4)

  • I will ponder your precepts and fix my gaze on your paths. (Psalms 119, 15)

  • Show me the way of your precepts, that I may reflect on your wonders. (Psalms 119, 27)

  • See how I yearn for your precepts; in your saving justice give me life. (Psalms 119, 40)

  • I shall live in all freedom because I have sought your precepts. (Psalms 119, 45)

  • This is what it means to me, observing your precepts. (Psalms 119, 56)

  • I am a friend to all who fear you and keep your precepts. (Psalms 119, 63)

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