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  • But you will go to your fathers in peace and be buried at a good old age. (Genesis 15, 15)

  • so that you may not do us any kind of harm, just as we have touched nothing of yours, and have not caused any injury to you, but with peace we released you, augmented by the blessing of the Lord.” (Genesis 26, 29)

  • We are all sons of one man. We have come in peace, nor do any of your subjects devise evil.” (Genesis 42, 11)

  • But he responded: “Peace be with you. Do not be afraid. Your God, and the God of your father, has given you the treasure in your sacks. As for the money that you gave to me, I held it as a test.” And he led Simeon out to them. (Genesis 43, 23)

  • Moses went forth, and he returned to Jethro, his father in law, and he said to him, “I shall go and return to my brothers in Egypt, so that I may see if they are still alive.” And Jethro said to him, “Go in peace.” (Exodus 4, 18)

  • If you will do this, you will fulfill the orders of God, and you will be able to uphold his precepts. And this entire people will return to their places in peace.” (Exodus 18, 23)

  • You shall make an altar from the earth for me, and you shall offer upon it your holocausts and peace-offerings, your sheep and oxen, in every place where the memory of my name shall be. I will come to you, and I will bless you. (Exodus 20, 24)

  • And he sent youths from the sons of Israel, and they offered holocausts, and they immolated calves as peace-offerings to the Lord. (Exodus 24, 5)

  • with which Aaron was initiated with his sons, and these will fall to the share of Aaron and his sons, as a perpetual oath by the sons of Israel. For these are the greatest and the first of their victims of peace, which they offer to the Lord. (Exodus 29, 28)

  • And rising up in the morning, they offered holocausts, and peace victims, and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and they rose up to play. (Exodus 32, 6)

  • But if his oblation will be a sacrifice of peace offerings, and he wishes to offer it from the oxen, whether male or female, he shall offer what is immaculate, in the sight of the Lord. (Leviticus 3, 1)

  • And they shall offer from the sacrifice of peace offerings, as an oblation to the Lord: the fat which covers the vital organs, and whatever fat is interior, (Leviticus 3, 3)

“Meu Deus, perdoa-me. Nunca Te ofereci nada na minha vida e, agora, por este pouco que estou sofrendo, em comparação a tudo o que Tu sofreste na Cruz, eu reclamo injustamente!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina