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  • Then David instructed the entire assembly: “Bless the Lord our God.” And the entire assembly blessed the Lord, the God of their fathers. And they bowed themselves, and they adored God, and next they reverenced the king. (1 Chronicles 29, 20)

  • And the Levites, Jeshua and Kadmiel, Bunni, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah, and Pethahiah said: “Rise up. Bless the Lord your God, from eternity even to eternity! And blessed be the exalted name of your glory, with all blessing and praise. (Nehemiah 9, 5)

  • Bless God at all times. And petition him that he direct your ways and that all your counsels may remain in him. (Tobit 4, 20)

  • And Tobias said: “Lord, the God of our fathers, may the heavens and the earth bless you, and the sea, and the fountains, and the rivers, and all your creatures that are in them. (Tobit 8, 7)

  • And they said: “We bless you, Lord God of Israel, because it has not happened in the way that we thought it might. (Tobit 8, 17)

  • Moreover, you have had compassion on two only children. Make them, O Lord, able to bless you more fully and to offer you a sacrifice of your praise and of their health, so that all peoples everywhere may know that you alone are God in all the earth.” (Tobit 8, 19)

  • And he said: “May the God of Israel bless you, for you are the son of a man most noble and just, fearing God and performing almsgiving. (Tobit 9, 9)

  • And Tobit said, “I bless you, O Lord God of Israel, because you have chastised me, and you have saved me, and behold, I see my son Tobias.” (Tobit 11, 17)

  • Then he said to them privately: “Bless the God of heaven, and confess to him in the sight of all who live, for he has acted in his mercy toward you. (Tobit 12, 6)

  • For when I was with you, I was there by the will of God. Bless him, and sing to him. (Tobit 12, 18)

  • Therefore, it is time that I return to him who sent me. But as for you, bless God, and describe all his wonders.” (Tobit 12, 20)

  • Bless the Lord, all you his elect. Keep days of rejoicing, and confess to him. (Tobit 13, 10)

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