Znaleziono 182 Wyniki dla: destroyed

  • I will establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all bodily creatures be destroyed by the waters of a flood; there shall not be another flood to devastate the earth." (Genesis 9, 11)

  • Lot looked about and saw how well watered the whole Jordan Plain was as far as Zoar, like the LORD'S own garden, or like Egypt. (This was before the LORD had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.) (Genesis 13, 10)

  • Thus it came to pass: when God destroyed the Cities of the Plain, he was mindful of Abraham by sending Lot away from the upheaval by which God overthrew the cities where Lot had been living. (Genesis 19, 29)

  • But Pharaoh's servants said to him, "How long must he be a menace to us? Let the men go to worship the LORD, their God. Do you not yet realize that Egypt is being destroyed?" (Exodus 10, 7)

  • He shall therefore burn up the garment, or the woven or knitted material of wool or linen, or the leather article, whatever it may be, which is infected; since it has malignant leprosy, it must be destroyed by fire. (Leviticus 12, 52)

  • "Then the priest shall again examine the infected article after it has been washed. If the infection has not changed its appearance, even though it may not have spread, the article is unclean and shall be destroyed by fire. (Leviticus 12, 55)

  • If, however, the infection again appears on the garment, or on the woven or knitted material, or on the leather article, it is still virulent and the thing infected shall be destroyed by fire. (Leviticus 12, 57)

  • You have seen with your own eyes what the LORD did at Baal-peor: the LORD, your God, destroyed from your midst everyone that followed the Baal of Peor; (Deuteronomy 4, 3)

  • Moreover, the LORD, your God, will send hornets among them, until the survivors who have hidden from you are destroyed. (Deuteronomy 7, 20)

  • "The LORD will put a curse on you, defeat and frustration in every enterprise you undertake, until you are speedily destroyed and perish for the evil you have done in forsaking me. (Deuteronomy 28, 20)

  • For rain the LORD will give your land powdery dust, which will come down upon you from the sky until you are destroyed. (Deuteronomy 28, 24)

  • "All these curses will come upon you, pursuing you and overwhelming you, until you are destroyed, because you would not hearken to the voice of the LORD, your God, nor keep the commandments and statutes he gave you. (Deuteronomy 28, 45)

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