Znaleziono 51 Wyniki dla: suffering

  • 'Order the Israelites to expel from the camp all those suffering from a contagious skin-disease or from a discharge, or who have become unclean by touching a corpse. (Numbers 5, 2)

  • They are a reminder to the Israelites that no unauthorised person, no one not of Aaron's line, may approach and offer incense before Yahweh, on pain of suffering the fate of Korah and his party, as Yahweh had said through Moses. (Numbers 17, 5)

  • They got rid of their foreign gods and served Yahweh, who could bear Israel's suffering no longer. (Judges 10, 16)

  • They said to him, 'This is what Hezekiah says, "Today is a day of suffering, of punishment, of disgrace. Children come to birth, and there is no strength to bring them forth. (2 Kings 19, 3)

  • They sat there on the ground beside him for seven days and seven nights. To Job they spoke never a word, for they saw how much he was suffering. (Job 2, 13)

  • I have months of futility assigned to me, nights of suffering to be my lot. (Job 7, 3)

  • When I speak, my suffering does not stop; if I say nothing, is it in any way reduced? (Job 16, 6)

  • My stomach seethes, is never still, days of suffering have struck me. (Job 30, 27)

  • [Song Psalm Of the sons of Korah In sickness In suffering Poem For Heman the native-born] Yahweh, God of my salvation, when I cry out to you in the night, (Psalms 88, 1)

  • my eyes are worn out with suffering. I call to you, Yahweh, all day, I stretch out my hands to you. (Psalms 88, 9)

  • Look at my suffering and rescue me, for I do not forget your Law. (Psalms 119, 153)

  • the man was so overwhelmed by fear and bodily trembling that those who saw him could not possibly mistake the distress he was suffering. (2 Maccabees 3, 17)

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