Znaleziono 9 Wyniki dla: reptiles

  • "or someone touches something unclean, whatever it may be -- the dead body of an unclean animal, wild or tame, or of one of the unclean reptiles -- and without realising it becomes unclean, he becomes answerable for it; (Leviticus 5, 2)

  • He could discourse on plants from the cedar in Lebanon to the hyssop growing on the wall; and he could discourse on animals and birds and reptiles and fish. (1 Kings 5, 13)

  • wild animals and all cattle, reptiles and winged birds, (Psalms 148, 10)

  • For their foolish and wicked notions which led them astray into worshipping mindless reptiles and contemptible beetles, you sent a horde of mindless animals to punish them (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 15)

  • Even when there was nothing frightful to scare them, the vermin creeping past and the hissing of reptiles filled them with panic; (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 9)

  • that the fish in the sea and the birds of heaven, the wild beasts, all the reptiles creeping along the ground, and all people on the surface of the earth will quake before me. Mountains will fall, cliffs crumble, all walls collapse, and (Ezekiel 38, 20)

  • They will lick the dust like snakes, like reptiles that crawl on the earth. They will creep trembling out of their lairs, in terror before you. (Micah 7, 17)

  • I looked carefully into it and saw four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, reptiles, and birds of heaven. (Acts 11, 6)

  • Wild animals and birds, reptiles and fish of every kind can all be tamed, and have been tamed, by humans; (James 3, 7)

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