Znaleziono 39 Wyniki dla: pain

  • But of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, "You must not eat it, nor touch it, under pain of death." ' (Genesis 3, 3)

  • To the woman he said: I shall give you intense pain in childbearing, you will give birth to your children in pain. Your yearning will be for your husband, and he will dominate you. (Genesis 3, 16)

  • Now on the third day, when the men were still in pain, Jacob's two sons Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, each took his sword and advanced unopposed against the town and slaughtered all the males. (Genesis 34, 25)

  • 'Once Aaron and his sons have finished covering the holy things and all their accessories at the breaking of camp, the Kohathites will come and carry them, but without touching any of the holy things on pain of death. Such is the load for the Kohathites in the Tent of Meeting. (Numbers 4, 15)

  • They are a reminder to the Israelites that no unauthorised person, no one not of Aaron's line, may approach and offer incense before Yahweh, on pain of suffering the fate of Korah and his party, as Yahweh had said through Moses. (Numbers 17, 5)

  • The Israelites will no longer approach the Tent of Meeting, on pain of committing a deadly sin. (Numbers 18, 22)

  • whatever be the prayer or entreaty of any individual, or of all your people Israel, each being aware of his own affliction and pain; when he stretches out his hands towards this Temple, (2 Chronicles 6, 29)

  • in due time, after about two years, his bowels protruded as a result of his disease and he died in acute pain. His people did not make a funeral pyre for him, as they had for his ancestors. (2 Chronicles 21, 19)

  • Woe to the nations who rise against my race! The Lord Almighty will punish them on judgement day. He will send fire and worms in their flesh and they will weep with pain for evermore. (Judith 16, 17)

  • This thought, at least, would give me comfort (a thrill of joy in unrelenting pain), that I never rebelled against the Holy One's decrees. (Job 6, 10)

  • Woe to me, if I am guilty; even if I am upright, I dare not lift my head, so overwhelmed with shame and drunk with pain am I! (Job 10, 15)

  • SPARE a glance for my misery and pain, take all my sins away. (Psalms 25, 18)

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