Znaleziono 280 Wyniki dla: Solomon

  • And let Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anoint him there king over Israel: and blow ye with the trumpet, and say, God save king Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 34)

  • As the LORD hath been with my lord the king, even so be he with Solomon, and make his throne greater than the throne of my lord king David. (1 Kings 1, 37)

  • So Zadok the priest, and Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and the Cherethites, and the Pelethites, went down, and caused Solomon to ride upon king David's mule, and brought him to Gihon. (1 Kings 1, 38)

  • And Zadok the priest took an horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon. And they blew the trumpet; and all the people said, God save king Solomon. (1 Kings 1, 39)

  • And Jonathan answered and said to Adonijah, Verily our lord king David hath made Solomon king. (1 Kings 1, 43)

  • And also Solomon sitteth on the throne of the kingdom. (1 Kings 1, 46)

  • And moreover the king's servants came to bless our lord king David, saying, God make the name of Solomon better than thy name, and make his throne greater than thy throne. And the king bowed himself upon the bed. (1 Kings 1, 47)

  • And Adonijah feared because of Solomon, and arose, and went, and caught hold on the horns of the altar. (1 Kings 1, 50)

  • And it was told Solomon, saying, Behold, Adonijah feareth king Solomon: for, lo, he hath caught hold on the horns of the altar, saying, Let king Solomon swear unto me to day that he will not slay his servant with the sword. (1 Kings 1, 51)

  • And Solomon said, If he will shew himself a worthy man, there shall not an hair of him fall to the earth: but if wickedness shall be found in him, he shall die. (1 Kings 1, 52)

  • So king Solomon sent, and they brought him down from the altar. And he came and bowed himself to king Solomon: and Solomon said unto him, Go to thine house. (1 Kings 1, 53)

  • Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die; and he charged Solomon his son, saying, (1 Kings 2, 1)

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