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  • His sons did not follow his example but sought illicit gain and accepted bribes, perverting justice. (1 Samuel 8, 3)

  • The LORD will judge between me and you, and the LORD will exact justice from you in my case. I shall not touch you. (1 Samuel 24, 13)

  • The LORD will be the judge; he will decide between me and you. May he see this, and take my part, and grant me justice beyond your reach!" (1 Samuel 24, 16)

  • The LORD will reward each man for his justice and faithfulness. Today, though the LORD delivered you into my grasp, I would not harm the LORD'S anointed. (1 Samuel 26, 23)

  • David reigned over all Israel, judging and administering justice to all his people. (2 Samuel 8, 15)

  • And he would continue: "If only I could be appointed judge in the land! Then everyone who has a lawsuit to be decided might come to me and I would render him justice." (2 Samuel 15, 4)

  • "The LORD rewarded me according to my justice; according to the cleanness of my hands he requited me. (2 Samuel 22, 21)

  • And the LORD requited me according to my justice, according to my innocence in his sight. (2 Samuel 22, 25)

  • The God of Israel spoke; of me the Rock of Israel said, 'He that rules over men in justice, that rules in the fear of God, (2 Samuel 23, 3)

  • Solomon answered: "You have shown great favor to your servant, my father David, because he behaved faithfully toward you, with justice and an upright heart; and you have continued this great favor toward him, even today, seating a son of his on his throne. (1 Kings 3, 6)

  • Blessed be the LORD, your God, whom it has pleased to place you on the throne of Israel. In his enduring love for Israel, the LORD has made you king to carry out judgment and justice." (1 Kings 10, 9)

  • David reigned over all Israel and dispensed justice and right to all his people. (1 Chronicles 18, 14)

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