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  • Thus the border shall extend from the sea to Hazar-enon, with the frontier of Hamath and Damascus to the north. This is the northern boundary. (Ezekiel 47, 17)

  • This is the list of the tribes. Dan: at the northern extremity, adjoining Hamath, all along from the approaches to Hethlon through Labo of Hamath to Hazar-enon, on the northerly border with Damascus, with his possession reaching from the eastern to the western boundary. (Ezekiel 48, 1)

  • To the border they drive you -- all your allies; They deceive you, they overpower you-- those at peace with you; Those who eat your bread lay snares beneath you: There is no understanding in him! (Obadiah 1, 7)

  • Hamath also, on its border, Tyre too, and Sidon, however wise they be. (Zechariah 9, 2)

“Resigna-te a ser neste momento uma pequena abelha. E enquanto esperas ser uma grande abelha, ágil, hábil, capaz de fabricar bom mel, humilha-te com muito amor perante Deus e os homens, pois Deus fala aos que se mantêm diante dele humildemente”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina