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  • Therefore, the LORD commanded us to observe all these statutes in fear of the LORD, our God, that we may always have as prosperous and happy a life as we have today; (Deuteronomy 6, 24)

  • On the eighth day he dismissed the people, who bade the king farewell and went to their homes, rejoicing and happy over all the blessings the LORD had given to his servant David and to his people Israel. (1 Kings 8, 66)

  • Happy are your men, happy these servants of yours, who stand before you always and listen to your wisdom. (1 Kings 10, 8)

  • Happy are your men, happy these servants of yours, who stand before you always and listen to your wisdom. (2 Chronicles 9, 7)

  • Now, Lord, you know that I take this wife of mine not because of lust, but for a noble purpose. Call down your mercy on me and on her, and allow us to live together to a happy old age." (Tobit 8, 7)

  • Take, to begin with, half of whatever I own when you go back in good health to your father; the other half will be yours when I and my wife die. Be of good cheer, my son! I am your father, and Edna is your mother; and we belong to you and to your beloved now and forever. So be happy, son!" (Tobit 8, 21)

  • Ahiqar and his nephew Nadab also came to rejoice with Tobit. They celebrated Tobiah's wedding feast for seven happy days, and he received many gifts. (Tobit 11, 18)

  • Happy are those who love you, and happy those who rejoice in your prosperity. Happy are all the men who shall grieve over you, over all your chastisements, For they shall rejoice in you as they behold all your joy forever. (Tobit 13, 14)

  • Jerusalem shall be rebuilt as his home forever. Happy for me if a remnant of my offspring survive to see your glory and to praise the King of heaven! The gates of Jerusalem shall be built with sapphire and emerald, and all your walls with precious stones. The towers of Jerusalem shall be built with gold, and their battlements with pure gold. (Tobit 13, 16)

  • That day Haman left happy and in good spirits. But when he saw that Mordecai at the royal gate did not rise, and showed no fear of him, he was filled with anger toward him. (Esther 5, 9)

  • Happy is the man whom God reproves! The Almighty's chastening do not reject. (Job 5, 17)

  • Happy those who do not follow the counsel of the wicked, Nor go the way of sinners, nor sit in company with scoffers. (Psalms 1, 1)

“O passado não conta mais para o Senhor. O que conta é o presente e estar atento e pronto para reparar o que foi feito.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina