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  • You will present the Levites to Aaron and his sons as men dedicated; they will be given to him by the Israelites. (Numbers 3, 9)

  • 'Look, I myself have chosen the Levites from the Israelites instead of all the first-born, those who emerge first from the womb in Israel; the Levites therefore belong to me. (Numbers 3, 12)

  • The total number of male Levites of the age of one month and over, whom Moses counted by clans as Yahweh had ordered, came to twenty-two thousand. (Numbers 3, 39)

  • You will then present the Levites to me, Yahweh, instead of Israel, and similarly the Levites' cattle instead of the first-born cattle of the Israelites.' (Numbers 3, 41)

  • 'Take the Levites instead of all the first-born of the Israelites, and the Levites' cattle instead of their cattle; the Levites will be mine, Yahweh's. (Numbers 3, 45)

  • For the ransom of the two hundred and seventy-three first-born of the Israelites in excess of the number of Levites, (Numbers 3, 46)

  • Moses took the ransom money for the extra ones unransomed by the Levites; (Numbers 3, 49)

  • 'Take a census by clans and families of the Levites descended from Kohath: (Numbers 4, 2)

  • 'You must not let the group of Kohathite clans be lost to the rest of the Levites. (Numbers 4, 18)

  • The total number of Levites whom Moses, Aaron and the leaders of Israel counted in their clans and families, (Numbers 4, 46)

  • 'Accept these from them, and let them be set apart for the service of the Tent of Meeting. You will give them to the Levites, to each as his duties require.' (Numbers 7, 5)

  • Moses took the wagons and oxen, and gave them to the Levites. (Numbers 7, 6)

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